the project

iipm brings together the creative visions of phoebe bognár + mikołaj rytowski. The project delves into ambitious depths, exploring innovative sound worlds and artistic altitudes. Emerging from music and performance, iipm project navigates paths for creative discourse towards a completely new way of presentation. Only in the first few months since forming, iipm projects have been presented at the ZeitRäume Festival, Open House Basel,and Nachtstrom 97 in Gare du Nord, Basel, Switzerland. In fluid motion as performers, composers and inventors, phoebe and mikołaj present their ideas in dialogue with space, audiences, and each other.

Phoebe Bognár is a Australian-born flutist, composer and improviser, presently based in Basel. Her approach to creativity is sewn with vibrancy and fluidity, and explores a diverse range of genres, repertoire and styles. Phoebe has given numerous performances across the globe as a soloist, in ensembles and festivals; sharing music with audiences in Australia, Switzerland, England, Germany, Norway, Finland and the United States of America.

Phoebe is passionate about collaboration across genres, art forms and disciplines and delving into new and exciting ways of creative expression. The use of the voice, movement, theatrics, electronics and visuals are central to her creative practice and projects. Through art, Phoebe endeavours to weave new connections and understandings– to each other and the world we live in.

Mikołaj Rytowski– polish percussionist, performer and improviser based in Basel, Switzerland, currently pursuing his bachelor’s studies with Christian Dierstein at the Hochschule für Musik Basel, Switzerland. His practice departs from the conventional understanding of percussion as a musical instrument and instead engages with sound and creativity in a more organic and innovative way.

Since the young age, Mikołaj received musical training with a central focus on percussion in Warsaw, Poland. During his education, he has received many prestigious prizes in competitions in Poland, Switzerland, Sweden and Finland. In addition, Mikołaj regularly participates in master classes and festivals throughout Europe. His main focus is working with the young composers, adding creative role to his musical activities. The center of his interests lies in chamber and solo music as well as visual arts.

He is passionate about instrumental theatre, performance and broadly understood contemporary art. Apart from solo and chamber activities, Mikołaj is involved in other areas of music such as jazz or theatre.